Shana Doolin

Doctor of Nursing Practice and Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Shana Doolin has been practicing nursing for 27 years, graduated from Pacific Union College with an Associate, Baccalaureate degrees, and Public Health License in Nursing. Currently she is working full time for rural Native American clinics in rural settings and for Pulse Urgent Care part-time since 2018. In 2000 she graduated with a Master’s in Nursing and California School Nurse Credential from CSU Sacramento. Received her Family Nurse Practitioner from Holy Names University in Oakland in 2005, and a Doctor of Nursing Practice in 2017 from Brandon University Irvine, CA. Shana’s experiences in Nursing have been in acute care, community health, correctional forensics, deployment aviation, diabetes education, flight medicine, home health, hospice, school nursing, substance abuse and Medication Assistance Treatment, urgent care, wound and ostomy care. Being raised a Californian, she relocated to the Redding area in 2017, spends recreational time flying, heli skiing, mountain biking, SCUBA diving, swimming, traveling, and volunteers state wide for health fairs and free clinics for the indigent.